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Lynda S Burch has pioneered a new art form by her innovative way to write children's books. Her Musical E-Picture Books are specifically designed to be shared with your children and with a computer. Park a preschooler, or primary age child in your lap and get ready for fun and learning! Parents, grandparents & siblings, day care nurturers, preschools and teachers can enjoy the sharing,  caring and education with music that is part of each book.

Lynda's Musical E-Picture Books have original music and lyrics by Lynda, and the photos/or illustrations that accompany each book, tells a story. Whether it is a story about learning, numbers, colors, or whether it is math, science, nature, safety, history & family values you can have just plain old "knickknack" kinds of fun.

The photos and illustrations, words and music are displayed on the screen and are quickly identified and learned by the little ones you share with. Children at an early age grasp the concepts and sing the stories demanding- "Do it again!"

On many of her books, Lynda S. Burch shares photo/art credits with MarySue Roberts, an award winning Southern California photojournalist.  Look for dozens of these books coming your way soon! Visit MarySue's galleries at Byms.smugmug.com

I Ride My Bicycle! Bk1
I Ride My Bicycle Bk 2
Stay away from Electricity!
Butterflies are Free!

are available as *F*R*E*E* E-BOOK DOWNLOADS from Lynda S. Burch &
Guardian Angel Publishing. You may download one or all of them NOW at www.guardianangelpublishing.com/catalog.htm

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Have fun, be safe & Stay Away from Electricity! This *F*R*E*E*Musical e-Picture Book download is available NOW!!! from www.guardianangelpublishing.com/catalog.htm

Below is the sample music score and lyrics with music to enjoy. Click on the forward arrow to play the music. There are also several other music files below for you to hear. Please visit again for locations to purchase or download free musical e-books by Lynda.

Thanks for visiting us and come again soon. Visit Lynda's Release Page to see book covers, links and kid's book information.  Please try the sing along sample song below and listen to the other sample music.

Morgan (my critic and inspiration) says "Sing the songs, but the books are way more fun!!"

Stay Away from Electricity!

Music and Lyrics Copyright 2003 by Lynda S Burch

Verse 2
They provide power for our lights!
For showing you pretty sights!
Don't play near any old wires!
Careful, don't start dangerous fires!
Keep out of all sockets!
Keep your hands in your pockets!
Careful in trees!
Be safe will'ya please!
Stay Away from Electricity!

Musical E-Book Samples: 

Stay away from Electricity!   I Ride my Bicycle!   &
Wicky Wacky Things that Go! Series Music

Music & Lyrics of all of the above Copyright 2003 by Lynda S Burch

I Ride My

Wicky Wacky
Things that GO!

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