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Writers Exchange E-Publishing International
has released the following Musical ePicture Books by Lynda.
All four books of the Weather series, depicting the seasons and how to identify and have fun with them, are released! Read Lynda's Author page at the publisher's site

Weather or Not! SUMMER   ISBN:1-920741-62-3
Weather or Not! FALL    ISBN:1-867962-62-3
Weather or Not! WINTER  ISBN:1-920741-80-1
Weather or Not! SPRING   ISBN:1-9207411-81-X

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World Traveler and Bon Vivant! Book One

Wally Pendergast, the Penguin is a picture chapter book of a marvelous little Antarctic penguin on a quest to discover the world around him. Not satisfied with the limitations of his life in the frigid South Pole, he sets forth on an epic journey of discovery in a world where Wally learns there are injustices and problems that even a little penguin can help to solve.

Wally makes many friends along the way. Eloise Tortuga, an enormous turtle on the Galapagos Islands just wants to lay her eggs safely. The little penguin witnesses a hunt of penguin's common enemy, a whale named Humperdink Wayland, who is only different and not really an enemy. Book 1 travel adventures range from the South Pole, to Galapagos Islands, Panama Canal and ends in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Encountering mankind and many others species, Wally journeys of exploration lead him to become an advocate of a safer, cleaner world for all. Wally learns that caring for the ecology of our surroundings will be beneficial to both man and animal alike and shares his discoveries with each individual little reader.

The book is loaded with pictures and maps and even Wally's theme song! An original song and lyrics are included to remind us of the potential to save the world for a better tomorrow.

Each future adventure book will take Wally to locations that reinforce the necessity of cleaning up the world around us, protecting our environment and learning from the past in order to create a better future for all.

The author Lynda again shares artistic credits with MarySue Roberts, an exceptional award winning photographer from Southern California.


The New Alphabet Song Book is a fun and easy to learn picture songbook featuring original music, great pictures of fun animals and kids activities, some sign language signs, and alphabetic hidden clue items children can find to match to the alphabet letters. Same alphabet but new song! Combine learning and teaching with the new alphabet song! (40 pages) This eBook plays music on your computer.

Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.

has launched with the publication Musical E-books. They have already published a number of Lynda's inventory of Musical E-books for Kids, with dozens more in the works!

Some are even*F*R*E*E*Check them out at the catalog link page below.

Released NOW!

Musical E-Book Line

I SEE Seaside Birds!    ISBN: 1-933090-05-7
Meet Me at the Park!    ISBN: 1-933090-15-4
Zoom Zoom Zoom! Come Count With Me    ISBN: 1-933090-14-6
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! AIRPLANES 1    ISBN: 1-933090-07-3
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! AUTOMOBILES 1    ISBN: 1-933090-12-X
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! BOATS 1    ISBN: 1-933090-03-7
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! BUSSES    ISBN: 1-933090-06-5
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! HOT AIR BALLOONS    ISBN: 1-933090-08-1
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! EMERGENCY VEHICLES    ISBN: 1-933090-13-8
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! TRACTORS    ISBN: 1-933090-09-X
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! TRAINS 1    ISBN: 1-933090-02-2
Wicky Wacky Things that GO! TRUCKS 1    ISBN: 1-933090-11-1

A Littlest Angel Children's Book

A Personalized E-Book for Kids. An easy reader loaded with personal pictures, graphics, seek and finds & puzzles written specifically for each child.
(Your child's name) LOVES T TRAINS!
All Aboard for a Personal Train E-Book chock full of train treasures that toddlers, preschool and primary kids who love trains will enjoy forever! A book written for and about them and their trains.

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